Why do Business with a Vet?


1. Veterans Are Trained to Succeed

Military training encompasses the best of leadership development, teamwork, discipline and perseverance. Systematic planning is essential to success as a veteran. To you this means THAT when I am out protecting our country, you have the best of the best protecting you. These skills translate to business through our determination to succeed in providing excellent client service and value.

2. Veterans Know Value

Did you know that 1 in 7 veterans own their own business as compared to only 1 in 14 Americans? Veterans know the value of hard work and dedication. They understand deadlines and working under pressure. They are accountable for their actions. For you this means that we will offer top-notch customer service because we understand the value of your business.

3. Working With Veterans, Earns You Business

Since 1999, the government has ordered veteran-owned business usage. Using veteran suppliers opens the door to more government contracts for your business.  Additionally, nearly 20% of adult males are veterans and hold considerable buying power.  Thus, being a veteran-friendly company can often boost your business’s image and help you tap into this sizeable community.

4. You Have Trusted Us Already

In times of war and peace, veterans protect the core values that Americans hold so dear. By placing themselves between harm and lay people, veterans stand in the gap ready to defend America’s honor at a moment’s notice. Veteran business owners can be trusted to respect the clientele for whom they were trained to fight and protect.

5. Veterans Have A World View

Having traveled the world, veterans have experienced and interacted with many other cultures.  Today's global economy requires businesses to be aware of the world around us.  Veterans have a unique awareness and respect for the world community.